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I aim to foster a collaborative culture based on method-oriented teaching/research techniques. I am not interested in merely lecturing in class about certain phenomena, but in also questioning what it means to ‘apply and produce’ knowledge. As collective research spaces, my seminars offer the possibility of active learning. That is, I rely on a material-based approach to encourage students to use their own set of tools through their work. In that regard, I have developed a pedagogical concept that I call: Thinking in Formats. Thinking in formats means to understand the objects, questions, and theories of the Humanities through their materiality, not only theoretically but also practically. For example, in seminars, I employ desktop documentaries (screen casting one’s own desktop) as a method to encourage the students to reflect on their everyday use of digital devices and how even the frame of the screen already formats their knowledge and thinking about aspects of human culture.

My teaching aims to be a critical and, motivated by my work in the Forum Antirassismus Medienwissenschaft (FAM), decolonizing examination of canonicity, to make academia a non-discriminatory place in both curriculum and practice.